Remote Patient
Monitoring (RPM)

RPM is a Medicare-covered service that is designed to help you monitor and manage your health in the comfort of your own home. It also keeps your health care provider informed, in real time.

What to Expect with RPM

After reviewing your health, one of our medical professionals will order the appropriate equipment to bedelivered to your home. Once itarrives you can start monitoring right away.

Iris Health Medical Group provides Bluetooth-compatible monitoring equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, glucose monitors, pulse oximeters and digital scales that you as a patient uses remotely, in your home. The RPM equipment will collect the data and automatically relay your healthcare information to the Iris Health Control Center platform.

Questions About RPM?

RPM Allows Medical Professionals to Monitor Your Health Vitals and Alerts

RPM Reduces Healthcare Costs and Unnecessary Trips to the Emergency Room

RPM Provides Real-time Health Data to Your Healthcare Provider

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What are the
benefits of RPM?

  • Medical professionals monitor your vitals for alerts

  • Help with early diagnosis
  • Disease-specific education
  • Tracks your vitals
  • Better control of your health
  • Urgent telehealth or in-home appointments available if needed

RPM Equipment 

How does RPM
help health care providers?

When a patient’s daily readings show abnormalities, the Iris Health Control Center team, comprised of nurses and medical assistants, will contact the patient to assess their condition and determine the best course of action, minimizing disruption to your practice and it’s staff. Our clinical team will assist with billing details involving time-based RPM codes billed to Medicare or other providers in order to ensure you are generating clean claims.

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If you are a  health care provider, RPM helps reduce unnecessary trips to the emergency room/hospital, provides a more thorough Telehealth visit with your/the patient and minimizes nonessential phone calls to your practice.

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