Medical House Calls for All

Our mission at Iris Health Medical Group is to provide medical house calls to Medicare and commercial insurance patients in Sacramento and San Joaquin counties.

We are committed to enhancing the quality and availability of dedicated patient care through medical in-home visits. By employing a team of providers who share this goal, we can bridge the gap for access-challenged patients, develop stronger physician-patient relationships, and work collaboratively to provide the most comprehensive, exceptional care possible.

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Proudly providing medical house calls across Sacramento and San Joaquin counties.

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“Medical house calls makes it easier to get the medical care you need, from medical professionals who are trained to provide medical care in the comfort of your home.”

Three Reasons for Medical House Calls


Going to a medical office can be a stressful activity. You can rest easy and reduce stress with a medical house call.


Seeing a medical professional in their office is often rushed. A medical house call gives you the medical professional’s undivided attention.


You can work the medical professional’s visit around your schedule. Plus it is easy to reschedule or cancel with a quick phone call.

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